MOON KNIGHT commission for ICE.

I can take ONE more. Email at dshalv AT gmail DOT com


I’ve been commissioned to deface the stairwell at the new Dupont Circle location of Fantom Comics! It’s super fun making such a big ass mess! Still have quite a bit of red to lay down.

Superman and Lois Lane (art by Dean Trippe)

"Incorruptible power meets fearless mortal. Marriage ensues. They’re the best romance in all of superhero comics history and only make more sense the more you think about them."  Dean Trippe

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New Drawing for Nautilus, Art Director Len Small. For article click here.


Jade F. Lee

Fancy swords, owls, and outer space? If so, then Jade F. Lee is an artist you need to check out! Her work frequently combines strong heroines, weapons, and owls using what can only be described as downright nifty color schemes.


Guardians of the Galaxy

Ink and black watercolor on watercolor paper.


Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #1 (Image Comics - October 2012)

Writer/Illustrator: Brandon Graham

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