My guest print for Out of Step Arts, The Helm on Madison Ave., will be available starting tomorrow, October 1st. It will be available for the entire month of October ONLY so get it while you can!

M O R E    I N F O


Print this up and get it to your comic store!


Here’s a handy-dandy Retailer Order Form for COPRA: ROUND ONE! Print this sucker out at home and bring it to your local comic shop. Easy!

Also, in case the above JPG gives you any grief, here’s a higher-quality PDF:

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This week one of my favorite artists, Victoria Ying, started a #7DaysOfColor Challenge over @instagram.

Every day of the week is assigned one of the colors of the rainbow. The objective of the challenge is to upload a drawing every day using the color of the day as subject matter. To spice things up for myself I made the week ”Audrey Hepburn Week” using her different dresses as inspiration! 

Here is the set! enjoy~ 

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Coral and the King, Part 1

Read Part 1 Here   Read Part 2 Here  Read Part 3 Here  Read Part 4 Here

Ta-da! Now you can read my really old comic I did many moons ago. It’s my first complete comic, so it has its faults, and it’s a little depressing and the dialogue may not be as logical or flowy as it could be but I put a lot of heart into it, so I hope you enjoy it u-u

Also, I’ll be selling 30 hand-bound copies of this comic at APE in SF! (They are signed and numbered and I probably won’t print these ever again because wow so old) So if you liked it, and would like one on your bookshelf, you should buy one !  *u* 

(also sorry for blurry images, indesign did a sucky export job and fixing 40 pages is too much work for me ._.)

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Sam Guay

Watercolor + Acryla-Gouache

This was my first attempt at a new medium, acryla-gouache. I’m pretty happy with the results, but my scanner just doesn’t do it justice. Can’t wait to push myself with this medium in some new paintings.


James, here. Just putting the finishing touches on Bartkira Volume 2 for its release on saturday. I really, really love these pages by Kevin Galeazzi. We’re going to do a proper update about Saturday’s launch at Gosh! Comics, London, soon. Meantime! Check out Kevin’s work! 


A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: Mirror Gem

Art Direction: Elle Michalka

Design: Steven Sugar, Emily Walus

Paint: Amanda Winterstein, Jasmin Lai

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you did it noelle. 


This is the best!



D+ 002

I also missed Ben Sears entirely - because I AM A CHUMP!