Original artwork for MOON KNIGHT covers 1-3


#DailySketch Stones path. 








imageI accidentally got too wrapped up in this character’s existential breakdown and when it ended it was more than just a punchline.. those fears of when it would end.. the fact that it happened on the characters request, i felt like it deserved at least a little happiness for all it’s trouble:P

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Late last year I put together a very short, black and white, Chloe Noonan mini comic for the Thought Bubble festival in Leeds. It’s very nearly sold out (like 5 copies remain) so I thought I’d colour it in and put it online. (As always if you’re having trouble reading the comic in the Dashboard, here’s the direct link)

Personally speaking I think this is one of my favourite pieces of colouring I’ve done, everything sorta pops and the drawings are the best Noony drawings I’ve done. Urgh, feeling good about my work, what is this?! Blergh!!!

The copies of CN 4½ that do remain are available from my shop or from Page 45 in Nottingham. If you liked this then there are plenty more Chloe Noonan comics in the Digital Omnibus which you can buy as a PDF or from comiXology or Sequential.


I got tired of inking my comic so some Nimona fanart happened